‘Facebook Is Like A Chair’ Advert Spawns Hilarious Satire Ads

Yesterday we wrote about the somewhat silly advert that Facebook brought out to commemorate the fact that they had acquired their billionth user. The advert was dosed up with the usual social media connects us sentimentality, but it was the analogy that ‘Facebook is like a chair’ because it connects us, that got everyone raising their eyebrows and scrunching up their faces in utter bemusement.

Check out this awesome parody advert, posted on YouTube by donalmulligan, who felt that something was “missing” from the original advert and went about rectifying that. From the style of humor and the accent of the woman doing the voice over, I would have to say this brilliant ad originates from somewhere in Ireland.

The parody ad is a brilliant piece of work, and I bet it has the Facebook advertising team cringing uncomfortably in their fatcat chairs!

I wonder if the person who thought of the tenuous chair analogy has been given their marching orders yet…Or if he/she is stomping around the office giving his trusty old spinny chair the kicking of its life for lulling him into believing he was onto something profound. Ah hindsight, if only it was useful…

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