No Surprise: Hashtags Making Their Way Onto Facebook


A lot of people aren’t a fan of Twitter for many reasons. For some it’s the 140 character limit that’s a turn off, for others it’s people’s constant need for others to pay attention to them. Along those lines, I’ve often heard people mock the idea of the hashtag and how, come five or ten years, no one will remember its importance. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. As of next Wednesday, Facebook is going to start using hashtags as a way for people to more easily find what they’re looking for on their Facebook feeds.

This, honestly, isn’t really surprising. In fact, what’s more surprising is that Facebook didn’t get on this sooner. People use hashtags all the time in their Facebook statuses, despite hashtags not having the same relevance that they do on Twitter. It only makes sense that Facebook is getting in on this trend. Hashtag was voted word of the year in 2012, and considering Flickr, Tumblr, Google plus, and Instagram are already in on the hashtag popularity, I think Facebook is long overdue to join the party.

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