Ex Ranger Jason David Frank Freefalls Into New World Record!


Jason David Frank who used to play the role of the white and green Power Ranger in the popular children’s television series has set a new world record.

Frank, 38, managed to break 7 pine boards during a freefall over Rosharon, Texas, smashing the previous Guinness World Record of 5.

The video shows Frank, who is rather appropriately dressed in white, being circled by the other skydivers carrying the pine boards in black. As each one approaches, the experienced martial artist uses his mad skills to break the boards in two whilst he freefalls through the skies!

This is probably more insane than many of the stunts he carried out during his time as a Power Ranger and there were no special effects in play either!

So Frank might not get to don his shiny spandex costume and beat down on the evil Lord Zedd to save the world from the threat of intergalactic enemies anymore, but he isn’t doing too badly for himself! From the looks of his official Facebook fan page it seems as though he will be spending the majority of 2013 making special guest appearances at Comic Cons throughout the U.S. It also looks like he’s managed to hold on to his fanbase, boasting nearly 100,000 Facebook likes and 12,000 Twitter followers.

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  • Blackbelt Skydive

    In case you guys want to do a followup story, I’m going to crush the Green Ranger’s record in May. Go check out my facebook page (Blackbelt Skydive) to keep up to date and find out why I’m doing it. I believe it’s a better reason then merchandising.