Restaurant Customers Ditch Cell Phones to gain 5% Discount off Meals

In this current day and age, it seems impossible for us to disconnect with our cell phones. Most of us are joined at the hip with our phones, constantly texting or checking Facebook/Twitter updates wherever we go. It used to be considered rude to be on the phone during meals, but nowadays we excuse ourselves from this notion because there is just so much going on inside that little flat rectangle.

Well one restaurant has had enough. Mark Gold, chef and owner of the Los Angeles restaurant Eva, has given his customers a choice. If you leave your cell phone at the register for your entire stay, then you will receive a 5% discount off of your meal. According to Gold and his wife, Alejandra, people are enthused by this notion and often opt to hand over their cell phones, even though it means not getting them back until the meal is through.

Gold was quoted as saying, “Eva is really about family and being at home. That’s what we want to exemplify. We just want people to connect again.”

The restaurant plans to continue giving their customers the opportunity to switch off on technology and connect with the people they are with instead, while saving a little money in the process.

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