Epic Star Wars Star Destroyer Birthday Cake

Lorenzo Wood

Check out this incredibly awesome Star Wars Star Destroyer Cake that was created by Lorenzo Wood. Well, Lorenzo made the base and got his favorite cake maker Selwyn at Pouchkines to make the cake that sits on top of it!

Lorenzo created the base, complete with its own working LEDs using laser-cut ply and laser-cut acrylic for the base. He used a 3D printer to create the engine nozzles and the lighting is controlled by several little Arduinos.

One of the best things about this creation I think is the fact that the base can be re-used once the cake on top of it has been eaten. Theoretically you could bake a different cake to sit atop of every single day (if you have that kind of time on your hands and a cake fixation) – just don’t stick it in the dish washer, we don’t think that will work out so well!

Lorenzo has been kind enough to release plans for the Star Wars Star Destroyer base under a creative commons license and there are detailed instructions and images over on his Flickr page as well the source files – so anyone who fancies creating their own can have a go!

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