Epic Phone Shoplifting Fail

Check out this awesomely epic phone snatching fail – this guy’s fail is so flamboyantly bad, that you almost find yourself feeling a tad sorry for the would-be thief.

The poor unassuming robber ponders the items for a few moments before grabbing a phone and darting for the exit, only to have his cunning plan foiled by the pesky security cord attached to the item. The cord halts his getaway and the way in which he is sprung back is Laurel and Hardy-esque slapstick in all its glory.

The other brilliant thing about this clip is the way in which the sales assistant nonchalantly strolls up to the wannabe thief. She clearly disapproves of his actions, but her casual gait suggests that she does not perceive him as a threat to the devices in the store and you can’t really blame her! It’s just a pity that you can’t hear what she says to him as I bet it was pretty funny!

The entire clip is like something you might see in the British comedy sitcom PhoneShop rather than a real life shoplifting attempt! Daaaaaaw back to the drawing board for this fella me thinks.

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