Video: Engineering Students & Their OTT Reaction To Hot Dancers!

Ahhh, there is something really heartwarming about watching the euphoric reaction from these engineering students in Korea whilst witnessing what is probably their first experience of some super sexy dancers.

Watch as they leap from the seats in ecstasy and enjoyment as the scantily clad ladies on the stage shake it to “Turn me on” by Nicki Minaj.

The video is entitled “Engineering Students See Hot Girls Dance For The First Time” although there is some debate as to whether the boys seen in the clip are in fact just school boys as they all appear to be wearing the same uniform and look a little young to be at university.

Hmmmmm, maybe the person who posted the video is trying to suggest that engineering students haven’t lived and don’t know what a real girl looks like? The plot thickens…

What do you think?

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