Geek Kickstarter: Emoki Mind-Powered Animal Ears

Nick Hoffman’s EMOKI company have just launched a Kickstarter project in a bid to get their mind-powered animal ears off the ground.

They are hoping to raise $35,000 by the 7th November for the project. The Emoki ears are super cute, and if they do get the cash they need, will be available in 3 main types; Fox, Bear or Bunny. There is also a ‘limited edition’ range, but I can’t really tell what animal they are supposed to resemble – maybe it’s some sort of Pokemon that I don’t know about!

The Emoki ears work in much the same way as Japanese company Neurowear’s Nekomimi (cat ears that respond to your brain waves) which were launched in Japan earlier in the year.

According to the Kickstarter description, the Emoki ears perk up when you are attracted to someone, or when you are surprised, or focusing intensely on something – this is beta wave dominance. When the ears droop down it is because alpha waves are dominating your mind, so this will happen when you are relaxed and calm. If your ears wiggle back and forth that is when there is some high alpha and beta going on inside your brainpan – it means you are excited, ‘in the zone (whatever that means) and at peak performance (hmmm doing what I wonder?).

The forehead sensor reads your body’s electrical signals and the ear clip reads non-brainwave body electricity. The brainwave chip takes the information from both these sources and hones in on your brainwaves. The chip’s internal algorithm translates the brainwave data into attention and meditation scores and dependent on these results the ears will respond with the appropriate movements.

I’d love to see an episode of 24 with Jack Bauer wearing the Emoki ears, I bet they would go mental.

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