Emma Watson Is The Most Virus-Ridden Celebrity On The Net

Slightly misleading headline, I know, but I just couldn’t help it. Emma Watson isn’t virus-ridden so to speak, but she is the celeb that tops the list of internet searches for perverted pics that could give your computer a nasty dose of Malware and the most undesirable of viruses.

Maybe she could have a word with her good mate Harry to see if he’s got any spells up his wizard’s sleeve that would sort that out!

This interesting statistic comes from security software firm McAfee, that some people argue are as outdated as Cameron Diaz – who comes in at number 8 on the list. Not saying I agree, just saying…

So McAfee’s ‘These Titties Will Self Destruct In 5 Seconds List’ goes like this:

1.Emma Watson
2.Jessica Biel
3.Eva Mendes
4 Selena Gomez
5.Halle Berry
6.Megan Fox
8.Cameron Diaz
9.Salma Hayek
10.Sofia Vergara.

So now you know.

Approach with caution!

More fascinating insights from McAfee – apparently adding the words “free downloads” and “nude pictures” to those names means you are much more likely to give your computer something unpleasant!

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