3-Wheeled Electric Torq Roadster – A “Batmobile” Fit For Crime Fighting Capers?

Check out this incredible new 3-wheeled electric Torq Roadster that was designed by Epic Electric Vehicles. Some say, that it is a mighty enough vehicle to be considered for the honor of a being a Batmobile and could help Batman catch villains hell-bent on terrorizing Gotham!

Though it doesn’t look quite as spectacular as some of Lucius Fox’ creations that Batman careered around in during the Dark Knight trilogy, it does boast some incredibly impressive capabilities.

Apparently the Torq Roadster can go from 0-60mph in 4 seconds and that is 4 very quiet seconds due to its electric motor. This means the vehicle is incredibly stealthy, an essential attribute if it was to be used for crime fighting capers. It is also rumored to take corners better than a Ferrari F430 (though the folks at Ferrari might disagree with that statement) and it boasts a state of the art carbon fiber body, polycarbonate windscreen and 80-inch track suspension which all contributes to its incredible speeds and easy handling.

According to creators Epic though, the real genius in the design was the omission of the fourth wheel which they state reduces drag by 25%, boosting the vehicles acceleration prowess and range.

It’s also street legal, so theoretically you could use it to get to work and pick up the kid (just one obviously – the others will have to get the bus) from school during the day and then as a crime-fighting vigilante super-vehicle, once the veil of darkness has fallen.





The Torq Roadster will make its official debut at Epic’s R&D center in Vista, California on April 6th.

What do you think? Could you see Batman careering around in the Torq Roadster? Leave a comment and let us know.

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