WTF China: Elderly Residents Refuse To Move So Motorway Is Built AROUND Their House!!

Check out this crazy picture of a half-demolished building located in the middle of a new motorway!! It looks like a hefty tornado has just picked it up from its original locale and dumped it in the middle of the highway – but the reality of the situation is almost as strange.

The new motorway in the city of Wenling in China’s Zhejiang province, was built around this apartment block because Luo Baogen and his wife refused to leave the building. All of their neighbors took the government’s compensation package, but the elderly couple did not feel it was worth it and stayed on in their flat in the otherwise desolate apartment.

So now cars using the new motorway will have to travel around the dilapidated building in the middle of the road!!
Can you imagine how noisy it would have been living there while all that heavy machinery was in action constructing the motorway? Something tells me it isn’t exactly going to be the most peaceful or idyllic existence as the sound of hundreds of passing cars each day isn’t exactly what you’d want to be listening to!!

At the moment though, the couple have no intention of leaving the five-storey building , though they might change their minds once the motorway has been officially opened and the weight of traffic increases.
Just one question…How the hell is that safe?

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