El Paso’s ‘Naked Caveman’ Could Face Eviction From City Water Utility

An unnamed man, who claims to have been living in an El Paso cave for more than 3 years, could face eviction after the City Water Utility sent a surveyor into his home to work out if he is actually squatting on their land. 

The man, who has been dubbed the “naked caveman” after stories emerged that he chased hikers away from his dwellings whilst nude, may need to find alternative accommodation. He made the national news last week after west Texas news station KVIA-TV found his hideout near McKelligon Canyon and conducted an interview with him.

The ‘naked caveman’s’ dwellings comprised of 3 separate areas including a sleeping nook complete with dingy mattress that was connected to the other areas by an underground labyrinth. They said it was much more “elaborate” than it appeared from the outside.

During a rambling conversation with reporters, the cave dweller claimed that he wasn’t bothering anyone and that he had lived in the cave for 3 years. He also denied the hikers’ claims that he had chased them away whilst naked. Taking something of a self-righteous attitude to his archaic lifestyle, he told reporters that he had been “saved” and was “sin free.”

El Paso Water Utilities sent surveyor Richard Dyer in to examine the man’s living quarters and determine whether he was on their land or not. Dyer said that it was “quite a setup” and commented that it might have been some sort of “water structure that just collapsed.”

Some of the residents who live near the man’s cave are hoping that the utility company does in fact decide that he is on their land and slap his bare bottom with an eviction notice.
They claim to have seen the man sneaking into their laundry room to bath and steal their clothes. They also say they have seen him exercising on their playground.
We hope for the children’s sake that he was not naked whilst partaking in lunges or squat thrusts on the site.
One nearby resident, Elizabeth Clay, told the news station; “He needs to be taken care of…I don’t know this man, I don’t know if he could hurt anybody.”

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