The Dolls House/Cake With An Identity Crisis & An iPad

This beautifully intricate Victorian dolls house replica complete with built-in iPad so you can browse through the inventory of clothes inside (wow the Victorian’s had iPad’s – truly amazing) is a little bit different to your average dolls house.

This dolls house is actually made from cake! Yes, it is an edible dolls house and it took cake sculptor Steph Parker more than 40 hours to make and she is selling it for £800 ($1300).

There is something a little sad I think about creating a work of art like this simply for it to be eaten (or go off and stink out the display cabinet)but I guess if people can be bothered to go to all that effort with their deserts then it is entirely up to them.

I am intrigued about the iPad though, will it ever be the same again after spending so long encased in a sticky sweet (presumably) vanilla-scented cocoon? Are the speakers clogged with hundreds and thousands? Also, if Parker was to sell this cake, would the couple of hundred dollars that the iPad cost go on top, or is the customer asked to return it after gorging on its surroundings?

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