eBay Pulls Auction Of Rubber James Holmes Halloween Mask

Sometimes you hear about eBay pulling auctions and you think, really? Was that really necessary? Like when they pulled Scandinavian photographer Jimmy Wixtrom’s auction of Usain Bolt’s Olympic camera because it violated their charitable auction code; which many of us feel was kinda stupid and a little bit pointless.

However, there are other occasions when you hear of stuff being axed from the site and you’ve got give eBay a pat on their electronic backs and say ‘good call mate’. 

The axing of the auction of a James Holmes Rubber Halloween Mask is one of these occasions; you would have to search pretty far to find someone who doesn’t think that it is extremely bad taste indeed.

In case you have been hiding out in a cave in Yemen for the last few months and don’t know, James Holmes is the man accused of killing 12 and injuring dozens more when he opened fire at a crowded screening of The Dark Knight Rises at movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado in July.

The rather disturbing James Holmes mask was put up for auction on eBay by user realface13 – with the starting price listed at $500. A little sign that there is still some hope for humanity is that no one bid on the item and eBay canned the auction after a short period of time.

(Via ABC News)

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