“Dumb Ways To Die” Awesomely Catchy Jingle That Warns Aussie Metro Travelers To Be Careful

Check out this totally awesome jingle and animated video from Melbourne railway operator Metro called “Dumb Ways To Die”! It features some delightful little cartoon characters, which as the name suggests meet their maker in the dumbest of ways. Whether it’s sticking a fork in the toaster, teaching yourself to fly, or using your genitals as piranha bait this video covers pretty much every daft action that could result in death!

The Metro brought out this deviously dark yet incredibly funny little clip as a way of encouraging passengers to exact caution when travelling on or around trains.

In their annual safety report for 2011 -12, they recorded 979 slips, trips and falls by passengers that resulted in a range of injuries from minor to serious. They counted 23 collisions between people and trains (not counting suicides or attempted suicides).

There were numerous deaths at level crossings when cars or pedestrians didn’t pay enough attention to oncoming trains – as well as numerous injuries and countless near misses.

Hopefully “Dumb Ways To Die” will get the message across and make people a little more careful on the Metro!

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