Drunken Jealous Russian Dude Kills Buddy By Shoving His Foot Up His Ass! WTF

So today you’ve already had the guy with the ass-face tattoo and if you thought that was a bizarre little tale, just wait until you hear about Russian dude Vladimir Krasnov, who killed his buddy Sergey by SHOVING HIS FOOT IN HIS ASS!!

Apparently Vladimir, 28, or Vlad the Impaler if you prefer, was drinking at home with his friend Sergey, 48, when he was overcome with jealousy believing his buddy was lusting after girlfriend Yelena. Local news reports suggest that the pair had a row about this issue and then when Sergey fell asleep, Vladimir decided to get his own back by sticking his right foot into his friend’s “anus and rectum”.

After being impaled on Vladimir’s foot, Sergey suffered severe internal bleeding and died at the scene. Vladimir now faces up to 15 years in prison for this puzzling crime of passion.

As yet, no further details about the anal violation have been revealed, so we don’t know if Vladimir was wearing shoes at the time, or if he was kind enough to use lube before shoving his foot up Sergey’s bum. We also don’t know why Sergey didn’t wake up and intervene the second that Vladimir’s big toe tickled his sphincter!

Girlfriend Yelena blamed the booze, she said; “Nothing like this would happen if I were sober… It’s just alcohol.”

Poor old alcohol, always shouldering the burden for people’s wacky antics! I know plenty of folk who like a drink and several that have got into rows incited by jealousy and significant others. As yet though, I don’t know anyone who has tried to stick a foot up their mate’s ass though. Is a punch in the face just too cliché?

Maybe Vladimir was a big fan of John “I’m gonna break my foot off in your ass” Hancock and took the dysfunctional superheroes’ classic line a little too literally?

Source: Red Hot Russia

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