Drunk Woman’s Hilarious YouTube Rant About Obama Re-election (Language NSFW)

ShellymicAB is Republican, she is a Republican who is angry about Obama’s reelection and she isn’t afraid to rant about it on YouTube either.

In a foul, expletive-laden tirade, this woman has a go at all the liberals that have turned America into a ‘socialist country’, but she’s also pretty pissy with the Republicans who liked her Facebook posts but did not share them and believes that they should get the “fuck off the internet” if they don’t know what they are doing.

Apparently ShellymicAB believes that if people had been less bothered about “offending” people and shared her posts then the election outcome might have been different. Delusions of grandeur perhaps?

I’d like to say you could blame her opinions on the alcohol that she is clearly imbibing whilst having this epic rant, but unfortunately this level of pig-ignorance goes much deeper.

She even closed the comments on the YouTube rant claiming that those who posted on it were “un-educated, simple-minded fools” and that 90% of them are “mentally disabled.” I think it’s safe to say that they didn’t agree with her and that’s why she’s got her ass in the air and her knickers in a twist!

Watch ShellymicAB’s epic rant here.

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  • anonymoose

    Hmmm… judge much. Just because she doesn’t agree with you she’s ignorant. Maybe she has some decent points, even being drunk. She posted things so that they are shared because she has friends, even if her friends only have 25 friends a piece, do the math. How many friends could they reach if they shared? Discounting mutual friends it would still be a lot. Especially considering that people have hundreds of friends. Sure, it probably wouldn’t have turned the tide of the election because many are bull-headed and stuck in their ways, no matter how disatrous they might be. Many people trust what they’re told, and don’t actually look up things for themselves. History has proven that the media is not always unbiased. You can’t automatically trust that politicians will be altrustic. Many politicians are not altruistic. They have their own interests. I think that she is wise to be skeptical of Obama, simply because the last four years weren’t a spectacular success in my opinion. He had two years with complete control, the budget could’ve been settled then, but it wasn’t. Even his own party was against his proposals for some reason. Instead of going through Congress, he used executive orders more than all the presidents combined. That shows lacking ability in compromise, bargaining, and persuasion. Which doesn’t bode well with our current congressional make-up. He created debt, more than the rest of the presidents combined. Greece has a similar debt per person when they failed. I fear that that might be our fate. Now flame me if you want, but you cannot deny facts. And for all those idiots calling Obama an anti-christ, stuff it. I may not like his inexperience, and his policies, but, he’s president of the US, and deserves some degree of respect. He’s a handsome, intelligent man, I just think that his inexperience caught up with him, and older more experienced members thought that they could take advantage of that. That’s my take on it.

    • lol@thistwat

      Nice try shellymicAB!

    • AtlasShrugged

      Obama never had complete control as there was never a point in his first term where the Democrats had the sufficient numbers in the Senate to overcome a filibuster. You have to have a distorted view of how DC and caucuses work to make that kind of naive and uninformed assertion.

      Obama’s problem wasn’t that he lacked the ability to compromise. There has to be a good faith interest on the other side to actually compromise and a party that makes it clear from day 1 that its overriding agenda is going to be to do whatever it takes to prevent a President’s re-election , taking priority over anything else, including actually governing, is not interested in compromise as the Republicans proved time and time again. Further, a legislator who makes an unqualified pledge to never raise taxes is even more so not someone who can validly claim that they are in a position for reasonable compromise. Obama reached across the aisle time and time again, which is why he was sometimes rebuffed by his own party.

      By and large it was only when he acted in a more unilateral way that he managed to get things done in spite of Republican filibustering and stonewalling and this was done in response to Republican stonewalling. In point of fact one of the more valid critiques of his administration was that he was far too naive and conciliatory in the face of such open faced dogmatic opposition to anything he tried to accomplish and that from day one in response to such deliberate antagonism by the Republicans he should have broken out the stick faster and put away the carrot.

      The fact that you would try to equate our situation with that of Greece simply shows that you lack the basic toolset to carry on an intelligent discussion about the nature of US debt. While we certainly have to stop living beyond our means, our situation and our debt bears little resemblance to that of most other countries because there are different dynamics involved.

    • UnIdentifly’d

      I’m not trying to point fingers saying, “She/he did it first!” But I think it’s safe to assume that this author is in a better state of mind when they posted this. She believes that people who do not share her opinions are “too fucking stupid to live here”. How can you possibly be so arrogant to think that your opinions are facts? The author states that she is drunk and angry, and hints that that could be the cause for her rant. This is an obvious biased source, easily categorized as a blog, and you’re going to get a biased viewpoint. Your facts are about as solid as a glass of water. They are obviously comprised from sources that are biased, and are not credible. If you ask me that woman is stupid because she, like you, believe anything you hear that propels your ideology is fact. If you have viewpoints that you want put into legislation, and aren’t happy with your representatives, put yourself on the ticket. Otherwise you seem like a whining child on the internet.

    • Schadenfreude

      >>”Hmmm… judge much. Just because she doesn’t agree with you she’s ignorant. ”

      Well she loses any credibility she never deserved right here (3:46):

      “C’mon over! I’ll fucking kill you and I’ll enjoy doing it you god damned mother fuckers! You think another 4 years of Obama is go to be SO much better than 4 years of Romney?! YOU’RE TOO FUCKIN’ STUPID TO LIVE HERE!!”

      That, my friend, is the epitome of ignorance.

  • Guest

    “C’mon over! I’ll fucking kill you and I’ll enjoy doing it you god
    damned mother fuckers! You think another 4 years of Obama is go to be
    SO much better than 4 years of Romney?! YOU’RE TOO FUCKIN’ STUPID TO
    LIVE HERE!!” Funniest thing ever! Love it when she just starts yelling at the top of her lungs lol.! I l

  • http://www.facebook.com/diana.gilroy.98 Diana Gilroy

    We don’t share shellymicAB’s videos is because we don’t want to spread the stupidity any farther…