Drunk Woman’s Hilarious YouTube Rant About Obama Re-election (Language NSFW)

ShellymicAB is Republican, she is a Republican who is angry about Obama’s reelection and she isn’t afraid to rant about it on YouTube either.

In a foul, expletive-laden tirade, this woman has a go at all the liberals that have turned America into a ‘socialist country’, but she’s also pretty pissy with the Republicans who liked her Facebook posts but did not share them and believes that they should get the “fuck off the internet” if they don’t know what they are doing.

Apparently ShellymicAB believes that if people had been less bothered about “offending” people and shared her posts then the election outcome might have been different. Delusions of grandeur perhaps?

I’d like to say you could blame her opinions on the alcohol that she is clearly imbibing whilst having this epic rant, but unfortunately this level of pig-ignorance goes much deeper.

She even closed the comments on the YouTube rant claiming that those who posted on it were “un-educated, simple-minded fools” and that 90% of them are “mentally disabled.” I think it’s safe to say that they didn’t agree with her and that’s why she’s got her ass in the air and her knickers in a twist!

Watch ShellymicAB’s epic rant here.

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