Drunk Man Hangs His Dog Outside Elevator, Passersby Just Gawp!

This video is likely to be one of the most painful and frustrating clips that you are likely to come across for awhile. It shows a drunk guy enter an elevator with his dog, that looks like a German Shepherd or Alsatian, on a leash. For some unknown reason the dude lets the elevator door close while his trusty companion is sniffing at some interesting smells outside.

The poor creature ends up hanging outside the elevator door, frantically clawing at the wall to try and prevent the lead choking him to death.

The owner deserves some stick for letting this happen to his hound, I’m not defending him, but I will say that it was an accident – he obviously didn’t mean for that to happen. What I can’t get over is the two passersby who see the struggling creature and then do a big fat fuck all about it!! I mean, who does that, who would walk past a creature clearly suffering and not do anything about it? I found myself screaming at the laptop, “cut it down, FFS just get a knife or some scissors and cut the leash, what are you waiting for a written invitation?” as I’m sure many others viewers will find themselves doing.

According to the owner, the dog was fortunate enough to survive the horrific ordeal, let’s just hope he’s a little more careful when he’s inebriated around elevators now!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=717464256 Laura Garnham

    I’ve had to stop the video. This is horrifying, the people who just walk up look and leave are absolute VERMIN. To just let that poor dog suffer like that. It’s not like they’d even need a knife or scissors to set him free, just unclip the fucking lead! Maybe they would need a chair to stand on but that can’t be hard to find. IMO the people who knew and did nothing are worse than the owner (though of course he should have known better). The dog looks like some sort of husky type rather than an Alsatian, Akita maybe.

  • Amanda Lurz

    I want to know what is wrong with people! How can any human being with a conscience or a heart just stand and gawk at a dog choking to death. Those peoe are human shit and are GOING TO HELL!