Drunk Dude In Taiwan Chops His Penis Off With Scissors After Row With Girlfriend!


Warning: This story is going to make all the guys out there cringe!

As someone who frequently enjoys going out drinking, I have, as many of you will have, done some downright stupid things whilst under the influence, things that I’ve completely and utterly regretted the next day.

Most of the time though, my intoxicated antics are not any more serious than the sappy text to an ex or the decision to continue imbibing alcohol until silly O’clock in the morning!! I’ve also ended up with numerous ‘Unidentified Drinking Injuries’ (U.D.I’s) like bruises, cuts and scratches etc, as have the majority of my mates.

I have never, however, heard of anyone that was so drunk and vexed that they decided to take a pair of scissors to their genitalia and hack it off after a row with their significant other, like a dude in Taiwan who was reportedly drinking from the afternoon through until the evening when he decided to snip his own penis off.

This has got to make it onto the ultimate list of things one has regretted doing whilst drunk!!

According to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, the guy in his 40s, had been on a mammoth drinking session and when his girlfriend pulled him up on his huge bender, the couple ended up having a heated row!

It must have been some argument because the man threw down his pants, grabbed a pair of scissors, bolted into the bathroom, CHOPPED HIS OWN PENIS OFF AND THEN FLUSHED IT DOWN THE TOILET!

Apparently it all happened so fast, that the woman was powerless to stop him. She called for an ambulance and the guy was rushed to hospital. Upon arrival he had slipped into a coma from the blood loss, but once his condition was stabilized he was transferred to a larger hospital to see if anything could be done about his missing appendage!

Doctors reportedly said that they might have had a chance of reattaching his piece if they’d been able to attempt the surgery within 6 hours, however because he flushed it in a drunken rage, there wasn’t much they could!

After the man came around, he was said to be appalled with his actions (d’ya think?) but apparently has calmed down since then! Really?? Now I would’ve thought it’d take some serious time to calm down after something like that!!

Apparently all that remains of the dude’s penis is a stump that’s no longer than 3cm, but doctors say he shouldn’t face problems with urination in the future.

Wow, alcohol really doesn’t agree with some people!!

Source: Big Globe News

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