Drug That Negates The Effect Of Drunkenness Soon To Be Released

Researchers have been studying the effects of the drug Iomazenil, which they believe, if taken before the consumption of alcohol, could stop a person feeling drunk.

In a pilot study, people who had been drinking were then asked to take part in a driving simulation. The study seemed to suggest that those who had taken iomazenil before drinking performed better than those who had not. Iomazenil users were quicker to use their brakes and were better at staying in lane than those who were not given the ‘stay sober’ drug.

The researchers from Yale University are hoping that the drug can be used to help fight alcoholism, because it negates the effect, it also takes away the pleasure of drinking, as the person taking it is unlikely to get the same feelings as they normally get when they are intoxicated.

In the Daily Mail article about the drug, researcher Deepak D’Souza said: : “A medication that has the potential to block alcohol actions in the central nervous system could act as a unique medication in the treatment of alcohol intoxication and alcoholism.”

The study carried out on Iomazenil is not the only one of its kind either; researchers around the world are constantly looking for new ways to combat alcoholism and to negate the damage done by alcohol to the human body. British researchers are even looking into a type of drug that would mimic the ‘buzz’ gained from alcohol, but have none of the adverse effects. This new ‘harm-free’ drug would also have an anti-dote which once taken, would cancel out the effects of the drug and thus mean that the person would be safe to drive home, or return to work.

(Via Daily Mail)

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