Awesome Donkey Kong Mashup Art Featuring Indy, Aliens & Doctor Who!

Deviant Artist BazNet has taken the format and style of classic game Donkey Kong and given them several different popular culture inspired themes. See the infamous laddered level layout of the much loved game Donkey Kong, but this time populated with characters from your favorite series and movies like Indiana Jones, Aliens’ Ripley, and the time travelling crusader Doctor Who to name but a few.

BazNet also sends Donkey Kong head first into George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones where mini Mario-sized Ned and Robert have to dodge the devious and dastardly Rhaegar Targaryen’s dragonfire. There is also a Donkey Kong themed Adventure Time with Finn and Jake!

If you like BazNet’s mashups, you can follow the artist on Deviant Art or check out his Tumblr. BazNet is selling t-shirts and posters of the Donkey Kong mashups on RedBubble.










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