Dog & Postman Work Together To Repair Strained Relationship


Dogs and postal workers are notorious for having an incredibly fraught relationship, we’ve all seen those hilarious videos of dogs furiously gnashing at the postman’s pants and heard the fierce growls that make most postmen fear the moment they have to take those perilous steps up a garden path.

But not all dogs hate postmen (or vice versa) and sometimes they can even work together – a partnership that is beautifully showcased in this short clip that was uploaded by YouTuber bsgtrekfan88.

The postal worker even refers to the warm greeting he gets from this retriever as “the best part of his day”! Awww, this is so adorable – I want a dog that will bring me my saliva covered mail! Actually scratch that, the only thing I get in the post are bills and junk mail, I need a dog that is a destroyer of such bad tidings!!!

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