Doctor Who Trailers Promote Two Different Upcoming Premieres

Doctor Who fans rejoice! In the last several days we have gotten not just one, but two new trailers for two very different upcoming Doctor Who-related premieres! One is for the new series, which will be televised before the end of March, and the other for the 50th anniversary special that will premiere later in the year.

The first is the trailer for the return of the new Doctor Who episodes. The show picks back up with the Doctor taking on Clara/Oswin (hopefully we’ll know what to call her sometime soon) as his new companion, and gives us just a taste of what this series has in store. It seems that the Doctor is just as confused about Clara’s existence as we, the fans, are, so it should be a fun series filled with mystery, intrigue, and (as always) adventure. The show is set to begin airing on March 30th – less than two weeks away!

Next is the trailer for the much anticipated 50th Doctor Who anniversary special that is still a ways away. The trailer doesn’t answer any questions really and doesn’t even give us an idea what the premise of the special will be (seeing as it draws on old footage and sound bites). However, it does appear that we finally may get some more answers about the Doctor’s past and who he is really, with the focus in the trailer being on the ultimate question (“Doctor who?”) and all the Doctor’s previous forms. Rumors have been circulating for almost a year now about the return of such familiar faces as John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), and even old regenerated versions of the Doctor (specifically Eccleston and Tennant). It’s also just been made known that the special will be played in movie theaters over in Britain on the day it premieres on television. Hopefully we’ll get more information on this project as the year goes on.

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