Doctor Who Food and Drink Recipes

We’re just hours away from the premiere of the seventh series of Doctor Who. For anyone thinking about throwing a party on the big night, or would just like to make some food for their own benefit, here are some delicious Doctor Who themed food and drink recipes you might enjoy.

Tardis Blue Blueberry and Passion Fruit Pavlova (via Crunchy Tiger)

Tardis Cocktail (via

Custard with Fish Finger Cookies (via

Doctor Who Tribute Cocktail (via The Nerdista)

Tiny Tardis Pies (via BBC America)

Dalek Chocolate Cake (via

Sonic Screwdriver Juice (via BBC America)

Sonic Screwdriver Cocktail (via

Mini Chocolate Dalek Cakes (via BBC America)

Sonic Screwdriver (10th Edition) Cocktail (via

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