Doctor Who: A Look at Pond Life

Well this is it, folks. The premiere of Doctor Who series seven is just a couple days away. In three – hopefully short – days we’re going to discover just how the Daleks have come back in such a powerful way, why the Doctor is riding a dinosaur with Arthur Weasley, and all about the creepy baby versions of the Weeping Angels (Weeping Cherubs?). All of this, which will hopefully be made clear soon, can be seen in the series seven trailer.

So how will we pass the time as we anxiously anticipate the new Doctor Who series? How about a couple videos dedicated to what’s going on with Rory and Amy Pond?

Lucky for us, Steven Moffat knows his Who fan-base well and how desperately we’re craving tidbits leading up to the premiere. That is why we’ve begun to receive short webisodes every day for the rest of the week. These webisodes, entitled “Pond Life”, will be a five part miniseries (emphasis on the mini), which will give us brief glimpses of Amy and Rory’s mundane life as the Doctor is off on his many crazy adventures.

So far two episodes have been released, and three more will be as well over the course of the next three days. Episode one wasn’t so much a look at what the Ponds have been up to, more as a look at some of the cooky adventures the Doctor’s gone on during the break (am I the only one who’s sad that we’ll never get to see more into the Doctor’s rap storyline?). Episode two shows us an interaction between the Ponds and the Doctor, which hints that they have had many similar interactions with him just bursting in at unexpected times. It also gives us some a flicker or two of some hints of what all is going to go down this series.

The first episode states that it takes place in April, whereas the second takes place in May. It’s clear that the next three webisodes will go through the months in chronological order, leading up to the Doctor Who seventh series premiere, which will align with September. This is a particularly fitting pairing, as the series premieres on the first of September, so it is most likely intentional on the creator’s parts.

Make sure to check in daily with the BBC youtube page for more “Pond Life” webisodes, and don’t forget that series seven of Doctor Who premieres on September 1st (check your local listings).

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