Only 4 Days To Go To Fund ‘Doc Of The Dead’ Kickstarter – Definitive Zombie Culture Docu In Danger

Zombie fanatics need to dig deep, as the ‘Doc of the Dead’ Kickstarter project only has 4 days to go and the team are only half way to the their $50,000 target.

‘Doc of the Dead’ aims to be a definitive documentary on zombie culture and it is being made by Exhibit A Pictures, the people behind “The People vs. George Lucas’ and ‘The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus’.

The project delves deep into the heart, guts and innards of the zombie craze that has run riot through popular culture in recent times. They look into the many reasons why people are so fixated with the undead, brain eating fiends and whether a zombie apocalypse could actually happen.

They have already started working on the innovative documentary – interviewing infamous zombie associates like director George A. Romero and Simon Pegg of ‘Shaun of the Dead’. They are also planning on interviewing other renowned names from the world of zombie culture including Robert Kirkman, Stephen King, John Russo, Tom Savini, Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Dario Argento, Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino.

The creators wanted their project to be independent, which is why they chose to try and source it via Kickstarter, but their time is running out, so if you want to see this documentary made, it might be time to splash into the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Fund and throw a few bucks their way. Maybe you could donate the portion of cash you’d set aside for Twinkie rations…

You never know, the things we learn from this documentary could help keep us alive if an undead outbreak does take place.

The Kickstarter page states;

“DOC OF THE DEAD will delve deep into the myriad crevasses of zombie culture to deliver the first-ever in-depth look at a contemporary social pandemic of global proportions. Shot and edited in a cinematically edgy, high-octane style, DOC OF THE DEAD will host a rich and entertaining dialogue with zombie experts and celebrities, seek participation from YouTubers and indie filmmakers, and examine viral cultural trends to explore the possibility and ramifications of an actual zombie outbreak with sociologists, virologists, chemists, and members of the Zombie Research Society.”

Check out the trailer that they have already put together, with an introduction from director Alexandre O. Philippe. The trailer shows news footage of the ‘Causeway Cannibal’ attack in May that really catapulted the words ‘zombie apocalypse’ into the public consciousness as well as snippets of the interviews with Simon Pegg and George A. Romero.

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