Do You Know How A Chicken Is Killed, De-feathered, Gutted & Processed?

American cuisine author Michael Ruhlman believes that if you are going to eat meat, then you should have some idea of how that animal is killed and then prepared for your consumption. Personally I would rather not know and after watching this video of what happens when a chicken is killed, bled, de-feathered and gutted I think I might be going vegetarian for a little while anyway.

I don’t gross out easily, but watching Michael Ruhlman cutting open and sticking his hands inside a chicken at the Schmidt Family Farms whilst casually talking to the camera was enough to turn me green. The Schmidt Family Farms actually specialize in producing honey, but have an area of the farm where chickens are bred. These chickens are free-range and allowed to roam around for awhile before they are killed and processed.

According to Ruhlman, to a kill a chicken, you pinch the craw and the windpipe, before sticking a knife through the back of the neck and twisting it 90 degrees to sever the main arteries. The chicken will then bleed out. Then the birds are put in 140 degree water to loosen their feathers. After this they are placed into the rather odd looking defeathering machine. This is a giant bucket, with rubber teeth dotted along the bottom and it spins (looks like it could have a cameo in the SAW films if you ask me). Once they’ve done a spin in the bucket, the birds have their bits chopped off go into hot water again, this time at 40 degrees, then they are packaged and sent off to their various destinations.

Warning, this video is not for the faint-hearted…I also reckon that if PETA got their hands on it, it might help them in their crusade to turn everyone in the world vegan, although I doubt that was Ruhlman’s intention when he made it. I guess some people are just better with dealing with the sight of animal carcasses and innards, than others. The sight of the chickens bouncing around in the de-feathering bucket and having their head, legs and intestines cut out were particularly disturbing for me. It turned my stomach almost as much as the ‘possessed chicken’ scenes in David Lynch’s Eraserhead – no nuggets for me in the foreseeable future!!

(Ruhlman via Gizmodo)

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