Dita Von Teese Models 3D-Printed Dress At Ace Hotel

Style idol Dita Von Teese debuted this incredible 3D-printed dress that was a collaboration project between designer Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitonti.

Schmidt, who was the man behind Lady Gaga’s infamous bubble dress, worked alongside Brooklyn-based architect Bitonti to create the one-of-kind fashion item using hardened powdered nylon.

Bitonti, who renders designs with new technologies in unusual material, and Schmidt created the dress virtually. Schmidt designed the dress on his iPad and chatted to Bitonti through Skype during the process of imagining the 17 pieces and 3,000 joints that allow the dress to move with the body.

Next the pair worked closely with 3D-printing design studio Shapeways to get each piece printed and lacquered black. The dress was then adorned with 13,000 black Swarovski crystals, but as Von Teese points out, that isn’t many in her world as she is used to sporting that number just on her wrist!

Their biggest challenge was working with material that wasn’t malleable, Schmidt said; “To do that you have to break it down into individual components so it can become something sensual…Taking this hard plastic material and making it flow and sexy and undulate around the body.”

The dress was specifically designed for Dita Von Teese’s renowned curvaceous figure and the aim of the game was using a modern technique to create something classically beautiful.

Schmidt said;

“The dress was not meant to be a futuristic sci-fi vision or anything, it was made to be an extension of her persona rendered through these futuristic means. It’s still in keeping with her old-world glamour.”

The exquisite 3D-printed dress will go on tour and will then go on display at Swarovski before being exhibited at various different museums. But those of you who fancy trying it on for size, will be disappointed as Schmidt told reporters that Von Teese will be the only woman to ever don the dress.


Source: Mashable

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