Disney World Debut Fabulous Mechanical Flying Dragon

Disney World celebrated the opening of “New Fantasyland” an expansion of the Magic Kingdom theme park, with a fabulous mechanical flying, fire-breathing dragon.
“New Fantasyland” features several attractions inspired by popular classics like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. The entire place is constructed to have the feel of a storybook that has been magically brought to life.
At a recent media event to celebrate the opening of “New Fantasyland”, guests were treated to the awe-inspiring sight of this huge beast circling the skies above their heads. Dazzled onlookers watched in wonder as the mechanical creature looped around, shot fireworks out of its mouth and roared.
There has been some speculation that Disney was planning to introduce a flying dragon as a theme park attraction since they filed a patent outlining such a contraption, back in 2010. The news about the patent came out at the same time that an announcement was made for an Avatar themed section of the park (that is scheduled for completion in 2016), so many people assumed that the two were somehow related.

However, back in the summer, some residents of California reported spotting a winged dragon taking tests flights near a small airport. Not long after that sighting, Disney launched their “spot the dragon” viral marketing campaign. After many months, the dragon was finally spotted by the surprised guests at the recent media event.

The dragon is actually an ultralight aircraft that flies using an inflatable parawing combined with a rear-mounted fan. A single pilot steers the mighty mechanical beast from the camouflaged parawing and cockpit. From the ground, they cannot be seen, which gives the impression that a huge dragon is actually soaring through the skies.

From the videos of the dragon that Disney has released, it seems to be a remarkable creation. Moving through the skies like the numerous dragons that have enthralled us throughout the film world for many years.

Dragon fanatics who are hoping that a visit to “New Fantasyland” will guarantee them a sighting will be bitterly disappointed however. At the moment, Disney has said that the dragon’s appearance at the media event was a “special, one-night” thing. Though all hope is not lost, Disney has confirmed that it could make an unexpected return at any time or any place!

I want one.

Source: Inside the Magic

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