Examining Excrement: Dinosaur Poop Discovered In Canada


Fossilization is inherently cool. It’s awesome to look at something that was once part of a living, breathing being hundreds to billions of years ago. We as a people are fascinated by the bones and footprints left behind by dinosaurs, mammoths, and other extinct creatures, because they act as proof that these hulking giants once roamed our earth. But how about the fossilization of something a bit more gross that was left behind?

Recently, in Saskatchewan, Canada, a giant piece of Tyrannosaurus Rex feces was discovered, and the words of fictional doctor Ian Malcolm have never rung so true. Currently being housed at The Royal Saskatchewan Museum, this dinosaur poop is soon on its way over to the Smithsonian Institution. While dinosaur poop might not seem as fascinating as bones or footprints, there’s a lot that can be examined in this excrement. Apparently other dinosaur bones can be seen in the poop, which will allow for scientists to study what the carnivores up in Canada were eating back when they once lived. Though not one hundred percent guaranteed, they believe the bones probably belonged to a duck-billed dinosaur or perhaps a Triceratops. While poop may not be for everyone when it comes to fossils, there sure is a lot we can learn about dinosaurs from it.

This Tyrannosaurus Rex excrement will be featured in the Smithsonian’s “Putting Dinosaurs in Their Place” exhibit at some point next year.

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