Describing Darth: Interesting Newspaper Profile Pre 1977 Star Wars Release

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic, revered, feared and well known movie villains of all time. Even people who haven’t seen Star Wars (yes they do exist) recognize the masked, caped Vader and know a little bit about him. Halloween fancy dress parties are not complete without at least one person in Vader garb and even now, more than 30 years after the release of Star Wars, Vader’s twisted history fascinates and enthralls us.

But if you had to describe Darth Vader before the 1977 release of the first Star Wars film, before that trilogy came out and changed the world and all of many wonderful characters became firmly etched into our popular culture, how would you do it?

It is hard to forget all that we know; to forget that once upon a time many moons ago Vader was once one of the good guys, that he is the heroic Luke Skywalker’s father, to forget his cruel and ruthless nature.

But imagine you were a journalist in 1977 and were asked to describe the dark general Vader – it really isn’t an enviable task! So what do you think of his description?

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