Teenage Art Student Creates Wedding Dress Using Divorce Papers To Symbolize Rushed Marriage!

15-year-old art student, Demi Barnes from Crawley, England created this incredible wedding dress for a school project. She used 1,500 divorce papers to create the gown in order to “symbolize the fact that too many people rush into marriage and end up getting divorced.” Her clever design caused an online buzz and has been shared and liked thousands of times!

She printed of a divorce form from the internet, filled it in and photocopied it 1,500 times, before using the copies to create the wedding gown and it took about 10 hours to put together. She says it was quite a challenge at first because she wasn’t sure how to approach it.

On April 20th, she decided to post an image of the ‘divorce dress’ on her social media so that her cousin in Italy could see it and it quickly amassed a lot of attention. By the time Barnes woke up the next day, her dress had received thousands of likes. In the next week, her divorce dress has amassed 47,000 likes and 1,500 shares and comments. Her Tumblr of the art project has had more than 130,000 hits!

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