Decembeaver: The Campaign Where Women Will Stop Shaving Their Muffs For Cancer Awareness

Decembeaver is a campaign to raise awareness and money for the fight against cancer and what it entails is women refraining from shaving their lady gardens for the entire month of December!!

It seems that Decembeaver has come about as a means of making women who felt left out by Movember feel as though they too are doing something to help fight cancer. After all, no one wants to be left out of that particular battle!

Strangely, we can’t really see Decembeaver catching on like Movember has, because of one or two minor problems – a) no one really likes a bushy muff and b) the only way to prove to your sponsors that you have grown an epic Decembeaver would be to flash your private bits all over Facebook or get it out down your local pub. Whilst that might be ok for some people, others will find it incredibly disturbing!!

This tongue-in-cheek educational Decembeaver video was written and directed by Sarah Cooper and features Allison Carter Thomas, Irene McGee, Meg Gavigan, Sarah Cooper, Pat McKechney and Charles McBee.

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