David Lo Pan Style: Big Trouble In Little China Meets Gangnam Style

By now I’m sure that, like me, you are sick to the back teeth of Gangnam Style parodies, however this ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ mockup of the song might just be the best one ever.

Entitled “David Lo Pan Style” because it features the iconic movie character David Lo Pan (actor James Hong) this parody was actually approved by ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ director John Carpenter.

He presented it Screamfest in Los Angeles as a response to the persistent requests he gets to do ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Q&As. After all, ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ was a truly epic and unforgettable film and this little video might be the closest we will ever get to a sequel.

It’s just a shame they couldn’t get Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall to cameo too!

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