Owned By The Empire: Darth Vader Credit Card

Getting a credit card can be risky business, sure they are great when you need a little bit of extra cash to supplement your salary – but it is all too easy to miss payments and get flayed alive by the interest.

Well now there might be a way for the more spendthrift in society to enjoy the advantages of a credit card, but stay on top of the payments – the Darth Vader Visa Card!! I mean, what better way to encourage someone to pay their bills on time than to have the image of the Dark Lord there glaring ominously at them every single time they open their wallet or purse!

Don’t miss a payment or you can expect to feel his powerful fingers grasped around your throat in that legendary chokehold!! Take the piss too much and he’ll come round to your house with an army of Stormtroopers, kidnap your kids, sell your pets on the black market and turn your wife into Jabba the Hut!

Unfortunately however, the Darth Vader Visa Card is currently only available in Japan. We can but hope however that it will soon come to our shores and we can reap the benefits of having our souls (and bank accounts) owned by the Empire!

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