Danish TV Boss Apologizes After Using Assassins Creed Images In Syria Report!

Cecilie Beck
Jacob Nybroe, head of news at the Danish television channel TV2 has made a public apology after it was discovered that the channel mistakenly used a backdrop of the Damascus skyline from video game Assassin’s Creed in a news segment about Syria’s heritage.

The channel apparently thought the image, which is believed to be from the first game where Damascus featured heavily, was a genuine image. Nybroe said that the incident highlighted the importance of verifying image sources and said that he has implemented a new system so that mistakes like this one do not happen again.

Assassin's Creed-danish
Damascus features heavily in the first of the popular adventure game series Assassin’s Creed

News anchor Cecilie Beck was presenting the segment which was about conflict in the troubled Middle East country when the screenshot from Assassin’s Creed appeared behind her. The program aired on the 26th February and it was not long before keen gamers recognized the image and exposed the TV stations error on social networking sites.

The Danish media reported that the image was pulled from YouTube by a graphic designer for use in the report. Several news sites have reported that the employee in question believed that the computer game image was a genuine picture!

News head Mr. Nybroe said he found out about the blunder this week after growing online speculation. He told Danish news outlet Politiken that it was a “clear-cut error” and that the matter would have been taken more seriously by the company, had the employee purposely and knowingly lifted the image from the computer game.

Just recently, North Korea propaganda machine Uriminzokkiri has also made internet news after using images from Call of Duty and music from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in two different anti-American video clips. We are pretty sure though that the peeps at Uriminzokkiri knew the images from Call of Duty weren’t real however!

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