Dance Robot Dance – Shimi On Kickstarter To Raise Funds For iPhone Model

A little while ago, developers announced the plans for Shimi, the dancing robot audiodock that based on an android platform. Now, they have launched a Kickstarter project to try and raise the dollars to create a Shimi for those of you just desperate to stick your iPhone inside this bopping bot and bust some moves alongside your little electronic buddy!

Developers describe Shimi as: “a real robot with artificial intelligence that analyzes music it plays through his speaker-ears and generates real-time unique dance moves to bring the music to life in a fun, cute way.”

The developers are asking for $100,000 to get the ball rolling and so far more than $23,621 has been pledged with 26 days to go. They intend on using the cash to transfer the Android-based prototype into an iPhone compatible model. They will also use some of the funding to redesign certain components to make the bopping bot more durable and cost less. If you pledge $149 or more, creators have promised that you will be given one of the first commercially available Shimi bots for your troubles.

Android users who can’t wait to grove with Shimi need not fret, the developers have promised that the Android version is still on the way.

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