Dad Builds X-Wing Bed For His Son!

Kids with geek parents have it so good, like this young boy whose dad built him this awesome X-Wing bed. The father, imgur user “DarthDaddy42” showcased his incredible creation in a photo album and it features an awesome R2-D2 co-pilot that doubles up as cooler, because if you want to be a successful Rebel Alliance fighter, then you need cold soda!

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the replica aircraft’s wings open and close so it can lock S-foils into attack position and there is a HDTV hooked up to a concealed Blu-ray player there too!

While you can see that the family might be having some allegiance issues (the name “Darth Daddy”, the Sith-friendly bedclothes, yet an X-Wing bed and an R2-D2 fridge?!?), you’ve got to admit that it is a pretty epic bedroom accessory.

We reckon dad might sneak into the son’s room while he’s at school for cheeky naps in his homemade intergalactic realm, but who could blame him!

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