Daaaw Owner Makes Lifejacket For Pet Fish Called Einstein Who Can’t Swim

This is one of those adorable stories that will restore your faith in humanity, Leighton Naylor who owns a pet fish called Einstein made him a lifejacket after he developed a disease that prevented him from swimming!

Little fantail Einstein’s disease meant that he would turn upside down and sink to the bottom of his tank. It seemed doomed for the tiny critter, but then Naylor made him a lifejacket!

Naylor said, “When he couldn’t get back up, it was a sorry sight… It broke my heart to see him so helpless. He looked so depressed.”

So Naylor came to the rescue and used some recycled tubing to create a buoyancy aid that allowed Einstein to swim around the tank and stopped him sinking to the bottom of the tank.

Naylor, 32, from Blackpool, UK, said that Einstein wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, because he kept catching on stuff in the tank and getting stuck, so he rearranged the tank to make it “disability-friendly” and since then, the little fish has been doing just fine.

Einstein’s buoyancy aid means that he can’t reach the surface to feed, so Naylor passes him his food through a tube that he lowers into the water.

He said,

“People have said I’m crazy but every animal is a valued family member… I’ve tried to train all of my fish but Einstein’s my star pupil. He can swim through my fingers and he was getting into fish football when he fell sick.”

What an incredibly cute and heartwarming story!

Source: express.co.uk

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  • http://twitter.com/onrake Eric Karno

    Wonderful story!

  • http://northierthanthou.com/ Daniel Wall

    Heh, …CUTE!

  • http://healthbenefitsoff.com/ Health Benefits of

    thanks a lot for such a nice and funny idea… I like it and also try it in my home.

  • armchairlonghair

    Our family did this last year. It was my 7yr olds idea. There were net jackets with holes for fins and string harnesses.The final prototype involved a orange foam earplug and a small spring loaded hair clip. The earplug was slit 3/4 of the way through lengthwise. The dorsal fin was placed in the slit and the hair clip clamped it on without damage. Franchez wore it for a while but soon after he could swim and stay upright. It has not been on in about a year. He sinks as soon as he stops swimming but is upright and feeds himself. Nice work on the design, bravo. trying to install them was the hardest, this would simplify it.

  • Trevor Kuva

    Great morning story, thanks for sharing…

  • Adriana

    …how did he get the fish in there???

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000254394733 Shelby Heverly

      I was wondering the same thing lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/sean.woods.7 Sean Woods

        he pushed it in there with tooth picks! lol

    • Maurya

      I was wondering the same. I have a fish in a similar situation and would like to try this.

  • http://twitter.com/billhash1 bill hash

    well done

  • http://twitter.com/billhash1 bill hash

    Good Show

  • jessikahabbe

    that made me tear up lol

  • GoldfishGirl

    Peas feed them frozen peas and non floating food! Most people think that goldfish and koi are suposed to eat floating food but by nature they are bottom feeders so they need sinking foods for a stable diet! The peas help them pass gas bubbles and hard food that gets trapped causing swim bladder infections. Frozen peas and sinking foods make happy healthy fishys! Check out GoldFishGirl on Facebook

  • ScorpioMaurus

    Great story :) not everyone would be willing or able to do something like this for their tiniest family members.

  • http://www.brucecat.com/ Bruce Cat

    Such a cute story

  • Sheniz Raif

    am chuffed by the reaction to this story & glad that it touched so many of you! It really is one of those that makes you feel good about people!

  • ShayRose

    Should have named the fish Hawking

    • http://www.facebook.com/veronica.balsells Verónica Balsells

      I was gonna tell the same joke :(

  • http://m-m-uk.blogspot.co.uk/ Marcella Masquerade

    When you think that there are men out there who love so much even for a goldfish restores your faith in mankind a little..
    makes the balance a little better after all those evil doings some do

  • http://twitter.com/limon0510 Md.Sultan Mahmud

    Story is very nice

  • Vanny

    I definitely had a very similar story with my pet fish “Strong” (now passed…) I felt that we had a strong connection at the time. He looked so sad floating on the water alone. It broke my heart watching him trying his best to swim to the bottom but couldn’t help to float back up :(

    I wish I could invent something smart and cute like this life-jacket at the time. I tried to feed him frozen peas (yes, I agree) but he couldn’t eat them coz they sinked to the bottom :( Eventually he healed himself. So maybe it’s a temporary condition.

  • i_m_watching

    so, it was a horrifying football injury then?
    American or British?
    turf fin or a sprain of some sort?

  • http://twitter.com/xincontriadulti XincontriAdulti.It

    This is an amazing inspiration post

  • http://www.facebook.com/dharanikumar.anagani Dharani Kumar Anagani

    hatsoff…..!!!naylor u r really an inspiration,luv ur work

  • Tony

    You shouldn’t touch your fish. That could be how it got sick in the first place

    • Erica Stolte

      Touching does not make fish develop swim bladder problems. Swim bladder problems in fancy goldfish are often genetic.

  • Indica Kandii Sugar

    I LOVE this~!! How sweet and adorable =0) God bless you

  • http://milano.xbakeka.com Bakeca Incontri Milano

    Very nice and inspirational. If every man would take care of an helpless animal this world would be a very happy place

  • Nicholas Stalnaker

    Name of fish=Einstein=Albert Einstein=Albert=ALBERT FISH.

  • Shelley Scott

    You’re amazin dude! what a lovely thing to do! :)

  • jason

    awesome story!!

  • http://milano.bbakeca.com/ BBakeca

    I can’t believe it! Great post!

  • Kamal

    How is he going to accommodate it as it grows? Even those fancy goldfish can get quite large.

  • Lori Sirianni

    This is SO heartwarming! Thank you to Leighton Naylor and people like him, for caring so much for a little fish. Every life matters. :)

  • Neil McElhearn

    And by tube, he means flexi-straw.

  • Susan

    one of the cutest stories I have ever read…what a loving soul to go to all that trouble to help a lil fishie…he should be put to work saving all our lil finned friends who have problems swimming…”just keep swimming Einstein”….

  • Karen Mitchell

    How sweet! What a loving guy to do this for his little goldfish friend.

  • Jon

    And by feeding tube they mean straw.

  • Dawn

    I have a fish like this. I am going to try to help him with a floatie like this.

  • piamama

    In my next life I want to come back as any one of his pets! What a great guy…

  • Fishlover

    Could be an issue with the swim bladder — check it out!

  • Tucker




  • Becca Feiner

    Brilliant! :)

  • vassia

    I want to make a life jacket for my goldfish..!He’s not ok …im freaking out! :(

  • Jacques

    Touching the fish with his fingers is what made the fish sick in the first place. People are stupid.