Pet Geek: The D.I.Y Stargate Cat Bed From Instructables

This supremely geeky Stargate cat bed was created by miscarlotta and she has been kind enough to put up step by step instructions on her Instructables page for those of you who fancy making your own.

There is no denying that cats are mysterious creatures, so it’s easy to let your imagination run wild and think of them stepping into the Stargate and taking fabulous journeys to distant, faraway planets while you snore soundly away in your bed. It is far more likely that they would use such a teleportation device to get into the next door neighbor’s fridge rather than for interplanetary exploration, but anyway!

WARNING: Creating this geektastic Stargate bed for your cat will not guarantee that he/she will choose to sleep in it. Hours spent painstakingly slaving away on your creation are non-refundable in Kitteh-land!

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