Gorgeous Custom Made Coffee Table That Looks Like A Nintendo Controller & Works With Wii!


This beautiful coffee table is based on the design of an 1985 Nintendo controller, but it has a side mounted custom bison holster for a zapper that works as a Wii controller when you select the classic Nintendo on the Wii Menu.

According to the description on the Bohemian Workbench Etsy store where the table is up for sale, the zapper also vibrates and comes with a speaker to replicate the sound and feel of the original Wii controller.

The table works wirelessly and the gun and mount can be removed and reattached with relative ease.

It was constructed using premium grade curly maple, birdseye maple, African bubinga and Mahogany and features dovetail joinery and midcentury modern legs. It also comes with a glass top for when in use as a table.

Only one of these items is available, but it does come with a hefty price tag, retailing at $7,200 – which is quite a lot of money to pay for a coffee table, but you’ve got to admit it would look totally spectacular in a gamers living room!



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