Curious Cat Gets Head Wedged Stuck In Shoe!

It has long been said that curiosity killed the cat and this video is a fine example of that old proverb. This inquisitive little kitteh decided to explore what lay beyond the threshold of its master’s stylish pink flip-flop and ended up getting its head wedged firmly into it!!

Whether the misadventure actually does the cat any damage or not all depends on just how bad master’s feet smell and how long the poor creature remains stuck in there before an escape is engineered or a covert rescue operation is mounted. Cats have a much better sense of smell than humans so I can only imagine how overwhelming and pungent the foot odor must be for that unfortunate furry feline.

I love the expression on the cat’s face, it’s almost like you are privy to the thought process bouncing around in the creature’s brain, something along the lines of “that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into,” I would imagine!

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