Crocheted Bane Mask For Villains Who Love Wool

Do villains not also deserve to feel the soft touch of wool against their evil faces? Should every item of clothing or accessory they don be rough, pointy, spiky, irritating and uncomfortable? They’ve got rights too don’t they?
So for villains who want the warm comforting feeling of wool on their sinister skin, there is this awesomely accurate crocheted bane mask created by Etsy Store owner StitchFinderGeneral.

It is based on the mask worn by Tom Hardy’s Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and considering it is made of wool and crocheted it is a pretty damn accurate replica. It doesn’t look quite so uncomfortable to wear, nor will it make your voice come quite as weird-sounding and muffled or give you the power to really wig out Batman, but it could be really useful for keeping your face warm in those cold winter months!

StitchFinderGeneral said that this mask is perfect for people who have anger issues. She said; “Angry about something? Fancy punching a pillar and having it crumble under your touch? Wish you had a suspiciously squeaky accent? Try being Bane for an hour.”

It is handmade and slips over the head like a balaclava or an unusually long hat. It is designed to fit an adult head measuring 58cm around the circumference but can be altered slightly if specifically requested. It only comes in the color set that is pictured – because it’s Bane and not Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It will set you back about $92.58 and takes 3 weeks to manufacture.





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