Creepy Baby Demon Dolls That Would Give Chucky A Run For His Money!

You guys remember that horrible little child’s toy Chucky right? The one that terrorized pretty much every poor, unfortunate human he ever came into contact with in those deeply disturbing horror movies? He was a law unto himself and until now, I didn’t think there was another doll out there that could compete with him in terms of creepiness – that is until I saw the Twisted Beanstalk Nursery dolls created by Washington state artist Bean Shanine.

The dolls are incredibly realistic looking, but with a devious twist – they have all been modified in some way to give them a dark side. You’ve got vampire and zombie babies with numerous different characteristics – devilish red eyes that lock your gaze and piercing, incandescent blue eyes that seem to look right through you. You wouldn’t want to turn your back on these babies anytime soon I can tell you that much!

If you fancy terrorizing your toddlers or just like collecting oddball stuff from the realm of nightmares then you can ‘adopt’ one of Bean Shanine’s creepy babies over on her Etsy page for around $650. If you don’t really fancy bringing a vampire or a zombie baby into your family home then Shanine also has the slightly less disturbing fairy babies or Avatar babies that probably won’t cause quite as much mayhem or inspire as many sinister feelings!

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  • Karen Long

    Wow, they look so realistic and creepy! I love the last doll with the vampire-like fangs.