Create Your Own 3D Printed Robot With French Artist Gael Langevin


French artist Gael Langevin’s latest project is the construction of a humanoid robot and he wants you to join him. As Langevin completes the various different parts of the robot that he has called InMoov, he posts the 3D printer files for that particular section online.

So all you need to create your very own humanoid robot is some ABS plastic, a 3D printer, a couple of Arduino boards and some motors!

His blog tells budding robot builders where the plans are up and gives helpful tips and construction advice. Langevin’s InMoov humanoid robot is entirely open source and all the plans will be made available for download as he completes them. Most parts can be printed from a home 3D printer, although you might need to go to a professional 3D printing service for some of the bigger pieces!

Langevin’s InMoov humanoid looks a little like a more primitive version of Sonny from ‘I, Robot,’ so it’s easy to watch the video of it in action and imagine an army of them staging a coup and trying to take over the world. For the conspiracy theorists out there, it’s not a far cry to think that this is some sort of dastardly Skynet plan to have their robots infiltrate our homes! Back on earth however, you’ve got to admit that it is a pretty cool communal project that will inspire a lot of robot-fanatics to get working on their own bots!

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