Crazy Naked Subway Dude Can’t Decide If He’s A Fighter Or An Olympic Gymnast!

I usually try and avoid public transport at all costs, primarily because I am lazy, I do not like body odor and because all the wackos that use it usually decide they want to be my best friend for the duration of my journey!

But sometimes public transport really can be thoroughly entertaining, especially when you are watching events unfold from the comfort of your laptop and the crazy naked dude isn’t trying to drape his pecker down your leg!

This is one of those instances that would be pretty darn scary if you were actually there, but damn entertaining to watch from a distance and it features a very naked guy causing hysteria by alternating between picking fights with people and trying out for a spot on the Olympics gymnastics team!

The footage was captured at San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit and is definitely worth a look-see! Listen out for the section about the glass not being “bullet proof”!

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