Crazy Images That Show What People Thought The Moon Was Like In 1836!!

Check out these totally wacky images from the olden days, waaaaaay before we had high-tech telescopes and knew for sure that the moon wasn’t populated with anything much other than a couple of boring craters.

This portfolio of hand-tinted lithographs seeks to illustrate the “discovery of life on the moon.”

Back in 1836 a Richard E. Locke writing for the New York Sun said that the revered British astronomer Sir John Herschel had found life on the moon. This alleged discovery of moon life included flora and fauna that wouldn’t look out of place in a Narnia novel. You’ve got bat-men, moon maidens (with awesome luna-moth wings) moon bison and other crazy moon critters just roaming around up there!

Apparently Locke proposed an expedition to the moon on a hydrogen balloon ship (I can’t think of any reasons why that wouldn’t work). Once there, us earthlings show our truly indomitable spirit – enslaving the Moon men and slaughtering those pesky moon critters (well it was about time we had a different kind of sammich meat!)

I suppose it’s kinda lucky for them that they only existed in the realms of the imagination!

More illustrations

Source: boing boing

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