Covered In Blood & Fur, Crazed Man Strangles And Eats Housemate’s Dog

In another insane zombie attack but this time upon an unsuspecting canine rather than a fellow human being, Michael Terron Daniel from Waco, Texas was found by police holding the corpse of his housemate’s dog that he had strangled to death and eaten from!

It has been alleged that Daniel was having a “bad trip” after taking a substance called K-2. According to the DEA, K-2, which is sometimes referred to as ‘spice’ is a mixture of herbs that are sprayed with substance similar to THC – the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana.

According to reports, Daniel tried to attack several people and even chased one of his neighbors, one of his housemates was so scared that he called the police and told them that a guy living in his house had “gone crazy”.
Witnesses claim that Daniel then directed his rage upon his housemate’s dog, a Spaniel mix breed and began beating and choking the defenseless canine on the front porch in front of several shocked witnesses.

Sgt Swanton from the Waco police said that Daniel “took a bite out of the dog, ripping pieces of flesh away and eating them.”
When cops found Daniel, he was covered in blood and fur, which was all around his mouth and on his clothing. They claim he was in some kind of ‘catatonic’ state, and even asked police officers to Taser him or get in a fist fight with him in order to help him get out of his “bad trip.”

The officers at the scene refused the man’s strange offer and the distressed individual was taken to hospital where he received treatment and was then released.
He has since been charged with the felony of cruelty to a non-livestock animal, but his housemates have not pressed charges against him. Daniel is currently in custody at the McLennon County Jail on a $5,000 bond. It has been reported that this is not the first time that Daniel has been in trouble with the Waco cops, although they would not discuss the details of his previous misadventures.

So it seems that not even our beloved pets are safe from the impending doom of the zombie apocalypse!!
I suppose eating your housemate’s dog isn’t quite as bad as eating your housemate, but it’s still sooooooo wrong. Dude, if you’ve got the munchies, you should’ve just said, I’m sure somebody would’ve ordered you a pizza or something instead!!

(Via Mail Online)

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