Cost Of Being Iron Man: $1,612,717,000

So if you looked at the Batman Infograghic we put up last week and thought, jeez I haven’t a hope in hell of ever being able to afford becoming a crime fighting superhero, just wait until you see how much it would set you back to be Iron Man!

The infographic puts the total cost of being the metallic warrior at a gargantuan $1,612,717,000, which in comparison makes Batman’s lifestyle seem somewhat modest and meek!

So Jarvis, Iron Man’s infamous supercomputer that makes all that he does possible comes in at around $10,000,000. Siri might be way cheaper, but she is nowhere near as badass!

For a man who can fly absolutely anywhere he goes without having to deal with the TSA or airplanes, it is a bit of a wonder that he needs quite so many spectacular cars, but then I suppose he is Tony Stark and all things fast and fabulous make him tick, so we’ll have to let him off.

His cars cost a total $1,612,717,000 and that’s without the 1978 Wolf WR1 Ford Race Car Replica which the infograghic cites as cost unknown! Interesting that they would cite the cost of a car as ‘unknown’ when there is a whole lot more on the infographic that you’d think was much harder to evaluate the financial value of!

Obviously these infographics are wildly speculative, due to one glaringly obvious flaw in the calculations. It is impossible to work out the cost of the kind of technology our favorite superheroes use, because so much of it doesn’t exist yet and probably never will. But they are a lot of fun to look over, so I’ll just overlook that little problem for the entertainment value!

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