More Evil Pranks From That Brazilian TV Show: Corpse Comes To Life In An Elevator

Remember the Brazilian TV show we wrote about a little while ago that featured a nasty little demon girl appear from the shadows in a elevator and scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting peeps just trying to get to another floor? Well those guys are back, with yet another prank that would easily find its way into the evil hall of fame!

It seems as though the Brazilian public have yet to learn the lesson that Bass Elevators contain all manner of nasty paranormal creatures!

So this time those cruel pranksters decided to put a zombie corpse in a coffin in with those poor elevator travelers. Watch as the little old man, with his sallow eyes and his stuffed nose bursts free of his coffin and approaches the petrified people in the lift. Again, I wonder in amazement how not a single person decided to bash the guy in the brainpan! The show’s producers must have specifically chosen people who they knew were not preparing for a zombie apocalypse, either that or they just don’t give a rats ass about the safety of the actor in question!

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